Bybanen line 2

Bergen light rail - Bybanen - opens it´s second line the 21st of November 2022.

City center - Fyllingsdalen

In 16 minutes, the new 9 kilometre light rail line 2, connects the suburb of Fyllingsdalen to Bergen city centre. The new line also connects the hospitals at Haukeland to the light rail network.

Interactive netwok map at Skyss

Bybanen Utbygging are proud to have designed and built the new light rail to the suburb of Fyllingsdalen. More than 20 contractors from 6 different countries have collaborated and found sollutions through the pandemic and construction challenges that have appeared along the way. We salute the dedication to all involved parties that has spent 3,7 million working hours making line 2 a reality and on time.

Line 2 and the city

The new line offers a new mode of transport across estabilshed public transportation routes. The new line connects Fyllingsdalen and the city to the Mindemyren city develoment area, the two major hospitals in the region at Haukeland with close to 15 000 employees and provides a light rail interchange at the HVL campus at Kronstad.

With the opening of line 2, the Bergen LRT network consists of 27 kilometer double track, as well as a workshop and two depot facilities. Line 1 carries about 60 000 daily passengers. The new line 2 will give a predicted 35 000 passengers a LRT system that is simple to use, functional, accessible and predictable with high regularity and frequent departures.

This is the new line 2 to Fyllingsdalen

  • Budget: 8.96 MNOK, prognosis by november 2022 is 9,98 MNOK
  • Construction period line 2: april 2017 - november 2022, pedestrian - and bike tunnels will open in spring 2023
  • 8 new stops with different functions, qualities and challenges, including the networks first underground station at Haukeland.
  • 9 km double-track from city centre to Fyllingsdalen
  • Depot for up to 18 carriages inside the Løvstakken mountain
  • 11 kilometers bike paths along the line, including the worlds longest facilitated bike tunnel
  • New bus terminal in Fyllingsdalen
  • Reopens a closed waterway at Mindemyren
  • 35 - 39 000 daily travelers estimated on line 2 by 2040
  • Departures every 7-8 minutes during rush hours
  • Line 2 average speed is 29 km/h, top speed 70 km/h
  • 6 new Stadler Variobahn carriages delivered for the network extension.

See a quick clip of the line here

Greener development

The consept of the "Greener Bybane" consists of designing, building, operating and maintaining the lines with low emissions and a low impact on the enviorment around it.

The stops

8 new stops with unique challanges and qualities have been planned and constructed. This connects the city in new ways with networking points, and the cities first and only underground stop.

Art program

The Bybane art programme promotes art to the wider population of Bergen. In line 2 there are several new installations placed in central spots where travelers pass by.